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How to set up the Jobe Infinity Island

16 march 2020

How to set up the Jobe Infinity Island

Our Infinity Island is modular, so you can extend your yacht until infinity. Create a unique playground for the family: ideal to sunbath, do yoga, play around, or to dock your jet ski or stand up paddle board.

How to set up the Jobe Infinity Island

Here you can find step-by-step how to set up the Jobe Infinity Island:
  • Unroll the Island on the platform of your boat.
  • Place the corner of the Island where the valve is located on the platform of your boat.
  • Connect the rope to the D-rings next to the valve, so you can attach the Island with the two corners to the boat.
  • Open the valve
  • Inflate the Infinity Island with the battery powered pump to the recommended pressure of 6 psi.
  • When the Island is fully inflated, the pump will automatically shut off.
  • Disconnect the pump and close the valve .
  • Place the Infinity Island in the water. The small rings should be closest to the platform of your boat.
  • Inflate the Transom Bumpers and strap them down tightly next to the platform of your boat. Always use two Transom Bumpers to be safe!
  • Open the lock mount and mount the ladder.
  • Close the lock mount and it’s secured.
  • Place the straps onto the ladder. Adjust the straps if needed.

Now you are ready to have fun on the water!

Check out the video below to see how it’s done!

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