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How to slalom ski

13 august 2018
Waterski is a fun and accessible watersport. Once are familiar with the steps of combo skiing that we gave you last week, it's time to take the next step: start to slalom ski and perfect your slalom course!

How to slalom ski
Freek is a professional who explains in this movie how to learn slalom ski and perfect the slalom course - a course with a total of six buoys.

These are the steps that go with that:

Step 1: have the boat driver start with enough space before the first buoy
Step 2: let the boat pull you out the water
Step 3: be balanced on your slalom ski: be in a straight line over the ski
Step 4: start with level 1: slalom around buoy 1 and 6
Step 5: once successfully completed, advance to level 2: slalom around buoy 1, 5 and 6
Step 6: continue to make it harder each time by adding another buoy at the end: 1, 4, 5, 6.
Step 7: once you succesfully slalomed all 6 buoys you mastered the slalom course!

Perfect your slalom course with the Jobe Baron slalom ski. Jobe designed this slalom ski for the advanced ski' er and added all necessary features to make sure you can succesfully slalom six buoys: its narrow tail makes turning easier, the Edge-to-edge concave ensures better traction and it's three-stage rocker gives extra control. Find out all details now!

How to slalom ski

Get on the water!
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