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Jobe barefoot rider Mathijs in Florida, part three!

7 may 2010
Jobe barefoot team member Mathijs Zielman is on a training trip to Florida. We have just received his thiird report of the trip. Check it out....

6th day: Jump Training
Today Mathijs trained his inverted jumping together with Danni Tipping and Ben from Canada and Douglas Poelman from Belgium.

The goal is to jump as far as possible, but in training we broke it down in smaller pieces. Inverted jumping is one of the most difficult things to learn and everything has to be right. Body position for the ramp is critical and now very good for Mathijs.

Mathijs jumped aroud 25 times on short line and did not miss a landing. Mathijs is doing fine, no injuries, just a little sore. Eddie worked on the turns. Still some back problems and the neck is sore because of some hard falls to the back.

The whether is really fine, About 93F. With a glass of water and a nice boat you have everything you want.

See you, Mathijs and Eddie.

Jobe barefoot rider Mathijs in Florida, part three!

7th day: Turns and Slalom,
Today was a perfect day. Mathijs and Eddie trained tricks and slalom. The slalom in the afternoon was awesome. Mathijs skied almost all passes backwards on one foot and did it fast. Also the front slalom improved every 10 minutes. Every crossing is edged to the limit. Eddie has improved on front slalom as well and his backward slalom is great.

Jobe barefoot rider Mathijs in Florida, part three!

8th Day: Turning en Jumping
Today was a really successful day. Mathijs had to jump inverted on the 10 feet extension and did not miss a landing. The afternoon was also successful in training tricks. We worked hard on turns and linesteps. To make the turns better Paul mc Donalds gave Mathijs one shoe to hold between his legs because that forces to keep your legs and feet together. Feet to feet turns as a result and even a one foot front to back.

Andre de Villiers from South Africa is coming to the skischool tomorrow for a freestyle event.
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