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Jobe supports the world!

20 june 2014
Jobe is dutch and like all dutch people we love football! The world championship is happening right now in Brazil, a tournament where all kinds of nationalities come together to fight for that almighty trophy.

We sell our products worldwide to many different countries, we thought it would be fun if all Jobe distributors made a pictures of themselves with their national flag and team shirt to represent their country! Below you can see the banner consisting of pictures of all the countries we cooperate with. Good luck to everyone supporting the world cup and may the best team win!

Jobe supports the world!

List of distibutors:

1. Jobe Distributor Russia, VTSport
2. Jobe Distributor Dubai, Al Yousuf Motors
3. Jobe Rep Netherlands Belgium, Jordy
4. Jobe Reb Germany, Rogier
5. Jobe Distributor Italy, Gea
6. Jobe Distributor Ukraine, Brig ltd
7. Jobe Distributor Bulgaria, Zundert ltd
8. Jobe Distributor Serbia, Goga yci
9. Jobe Distributor Slovakia, Boat diesel
10. Jobe Rep England, Karl
11. Jobe Distributor Montenegro, Ivatron
12. Jobe Distributor Mexico Yates & Costas
13. Jobe Distributor Norway, Fluid net as
14. Jobe Distributor Slovenia, Aal nautika D.O.O.
15. Jobe Distributor Finland, Konekesko LTD
16. Jobe Distributor Poland, Mazuria
17. Jobe Rep United Kingdom, Joe
18. Jobe Distributor Argentina, Aeromarin
19. Jobe Distributor Lithuania, Xteam
20. Jobe Distributor Canada, Kimpex
21. Jobe Distributor Hungary, Nono Sport Ltd
22. Jobe Rep France, (his son)
23. Jobe Distributor Turkey, ADT Marine Group.J
24. Jobe Distributor Australia, Jobe Sports Australia
25. Jobe Dealer Italy, Gardawake
26. Jobe Dealer Italy, Jet Immagine
27. Jobe Distributor Uruguay, Waterhouse
28. Jobe Distributor Chili, Pro Nautica
29. Jobe Distributor America, Jobe Sports USA
30. Jobe Distributor Portugal, Ski World
31. Jobe Distributor Malta, Sunseeker Malta Limited
32. Jobe Distributor Romania, Motoboom
33. Jobe Rep Netherlands Sweden, Bram
34. Jobe Distributor Uruguay, El Muelle
35. Jobe Distributor Japan, Flurindo Co.Ltd
36. Jobe Distributor Uruguay, Aire Y Sol
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