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Jobe's 2013 U.S. Expansion Plans

22 november 2012
Jobe's 2013 U.S. Expansion Plans
Orlando, FL - After the return of the watersports brand to the United States, Jobe already has a number of new and exciting plans for its further expansion in the U.S. market!

About a year ago, Jobe purposefully chose a unique approach of reintroducing the brand to the U.S. consumer market. Namely, by investing in its Concept Store in Orlando, FL, and it’s online U.S. web shop Now that the first year is almost over, Jobe can proudly confirm that it has already achieved its projected marketing and branding goals by the end of 2012!
The brand has been re-introduced successfully to American consumers, and as a result of this reintroduction, brand awareness and demand for Jobe products have increased significantly. With completion of this crucial first step, Jobe's next step is to now look for new opportunities in the U.S. dealer market.

These developments bring a number of new plans to the table. Brand Experience has always been valued highly by Jobe, hence the choice to open the Concept Store in the first year. Now that the store has reached its goals however, it is time to now close this first ‘store phase’, and continue onwards to the second stage: the expansion of Jobe's U.S. dealer network. Since the web shop went hand-in-hand with the Concept Store, and vice versa, Jobe has transferred the administration of its web shop to one of its most long-term U.S. dealers and business partners. In addition, Jobe also made an amazing deal with online retailer Amazon now has all Jobe [U.S. market] products readily available for American consumers. Buy Jobe online at, anywhere, and anytime!

With this approach and future plans, Jobe strives to keep its U.S. dealer market open with fair and healthy competition, and also continues to have its product range available online, giving direct access to all American consumers. In short, the retail store & web shop phase has been completed successfully, and Jobe’s next step, the dealer phase, has already started by the brand taking on the U.S. dealer market. With this, Jobe strives to become one of the most well-respected names in the US and worldwide watersports industries.

About the Brand
Originated in the USA, the Jobe brand was founded over 30 years ago by American skier Jeff Jobe from Seattle, Washington. With some bad weather and a cold drink in hand, he started philosophizing about his future and decided to develop a water ski with his name on it. After a period of producing blood, sweat, and tears, he had finally manufactured the first Jobe ski, called the Honeycomb. The ski was an immediate success, drawing in some of the biggest names in water skiing.

Since the early 1980’s, the brand started to become a dominating force in the American waterski market. Jobe began producing not only water skis, but many other watersports products as well. After coming into Dutch hands about a decade later, Jobe became the biggest watersports brand internationally, broadening its product line even further and developing an international team of athletes.

Jobe now offers products in 8 disciplines of watersports: wakeboarding, waterskiing, kneeboarding, jet skiing, tubing, barefooting, SUP & wakesurfing! The international team now consists of some of the best watersports athletes in the world. With this year’s return to its home market, Jobe has made aggressive moves back to its original roots in the US. The brand has not only come full circle, but is well on the way to achieving its mission of becoming a well-respected name in the US and worldwide watersports industries.

Jobe's 2013 U.S. Expansion Plans

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