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Stand Up Paddle Yoga 101: Getting Started

15 june 2018
There is something we all love, we all love being on the water. The feeling of complete freedom that it gives us. You love the Zen that comes with a great yoga session too. That is who you are, that is what you love. That is what WE love. So, why not combine the two? Turn to the water to find your personal zone of tranquility and destress. If you have never tried SUP yoga, we will give you some tips and tricks and five beginner poses. This way you can start your yoga session peacefully and safely on the water.

Starting out
First of all, if you have tried yoga before, SUP yoga is a bit different from being on a solid surface. Therefore, control is key and go slow! A solid advice is to get to know your board, so you can establish a comfortable feeling for balance, but equally important, stability. Normally, a SUP yoga board is around 3.20 meters (10.6 feet) and 80 centimeters wide (32 inches). The boards are specially designed so that you can move easily. If you are looking for a great SUP yoga board, take a look here 

Next on your to do list is finding a peaceful spot on the water for your first yoga session. It would be best if you find a place on the water away from boats, waves and strong currents. Furthermore, if possible try to find a place where you can anchor your board. Lastly, try to find a fixed point on land on which you can focus, this will enhance and increase your stability. Once you’ve figured it all out, you’re ready to get your yoga on! We will give you five awesome poses to start with.

Easy seated pose
Sit with your hip on the handle and let your hands rest on your knees gently while facing the front of your board. Sit up tall and take deep abdominal breaths while noticing the subtle rocking of the water beneath you.

Downward-Facing Dog
Again start in the Table Top position, then slowly send your hips and back up, straightening your legs. You can stare at the horizon behind you. Take a few slow abdominal breaths and use your organic movement to settle into the pose in a comfortable manner. Make sure you press strongly into the index finger and thumbs to protect your wrists.

From Down Dog, shift forward and stack your shoulders above your wrists. Create a long line from the crown of your head to your heels. Engage the low belly. Add heat by lifting one leg at a time. For a little less challenge, drop your knees.

Cobra Pose
The Cobra Pose stretches your abs and is great for getting a feel for how to balance on the board. Lie flat on your stomach, placing your palms in line with your hips before pressing up and stretching your ribs forward, your shoulders back and chin up. Keep your pelvis pressed firmly to the floor. Inhale and exhale deeply.

Bridge Pose

Start on your back with your hips centered on the board, knees bent and soles of your feet flat. Keep your feet slightly wider than hip-distance apart. Lift your hips slowly toward the sky and roll your shoulders beneath you for more height. You can do the bridge while laying on your back or leaning on your hands. You can also choose to do it with on leg in the air or with tho legs on your board, that is up to you

When you get more comfortable with SUP yoga you can move to the more difficult poses like a headstand and scorpion poses. Every session will enhance your strength and stability so keep going. So now get your feet wet with these SUP yoga poses. Discover our Yoga collection here


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