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The benefits of Limestone neoprene

13 august 2019
Did you know that Jobe wetsuits use Limestone neoprene instead of oil based neoprene? There are multiple kinds of neoprene which are used for producing wetsuits. At Jobe Sports, we use a Limestone based neoprene which has multiple advantages.

It’s lighter 

Limestone neoprene is not only lighter in weight, it tends to soak up less water. This makes for a wetsuit which weighs a lot less then it’s oil-based counterpart.

It’s warmer

Limestone neoprene has better isolation qualities which makes for a warmer wetsuit. This also means that you can wear a thinner limestone neoprene wetsuit then you would with a oil-based wetsuit.

It has more flex

Freedom of movement is everything when wearing a wetsuit. Not only do we work with our minimal seam technology to reduce the amount of seems for more flex. We combine this with the limestone neoprene which is more flexible and offers great freedom of movement for the ultimate watersports experience.

It’s more durable

Because these wetsuits have better flex capabilities these wetsuits tend to last longer. What also makes a limestone wetsuit more durable is that this fabric is more resistant to tearing then oil-based wetsuits.

It’s more eco-friendly

Going back to the 2 main types of neoprene (which are neoprene and oil based neoprene) we do see that one of the 2 types is more eco-friendly. Limestone neoprene is more durable so you don’t have to replace it as fast, which is the first of the main reasons it’s more eco-friendly. The second reason is the resource itself, which is less harmful to the environment, making it a more eco-friendly product.

So there you have it: Limestone neoprene! A kind of neoprene which comes with lots of benefits. Making it a must for everyone that demands the best when their out an about on the water!

The benefits of Limestone neoprene
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