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The core of your wakeboard

2 december 2016
The core of your wakeboard

We want to make sure to offer industry lightest and most explosive constructions, but how to pick the right core for you? We’ve clarified the differences.

wooden/nature core
It's all about the flex! These boards are super thin and because of the wooden core over the full length, the most flexible around. The use of this much wood makes these boards strong and durable, too. The flexibility of these boards makes these boards perfect for a session in a wakepark.

Find a wooden core in the

blended core
What a feeling! Boards with a blended core are super flexible and strong, due to the combination of wood and polyurethane (meaning: blended). Because of the polyurethane material we made sure you keep the flex, while the added wood material gives the board its strength. Moreover, it makes it easy to add deeper channels that make your tricks even more explosive. Because of the combination, these boards are perfect for both wake park and boating-purposes.

Find a blended core in the
! Breach
! Conclict
! Grace

solid core
Stability is everything! Gives strength because of the polyurethane material with ABS (like in a blended core), boards constructed with these materials have less flex but more stability and are feather light so we can make sure the board absorbs parts of your pops. A stiff, solid core is perfect for wake behind the boat.

Find a solid core in the
! Prolix
! Treat

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