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Tips & Tricks from the Jobe kneeboard team

14 october 2011
Every now and then, we receive some tips & tricks for kneeboarders from our Jobe Kneeboarders. Off course we do not want to withhold you of this information. So if you have plans to start kneeboarding read the tips and tricks underneath carefully.

Enjoy and good luck!

"Switch 180 grab“
In our last Tips & Tricks item, we explained how to do the ”Lazy grind”. Today we want to show you some air and kicker tricks. In this item we bring to you the “switch 180 grab“. For so far you learnt how to ride straight, how to get in switch positions and how to jump off from the Kicker. Now we want to make a summary of all these.

As spins can be made on nearly everything, my explanation will need a normal medium kicker. When you have found a proper kicker, try to follow these instructions:
Tips & Tricks from the Jobe kneeboard team

Cut sharply to get on the kicker as you normally do. This makes it easier to fix the right position. Now switch and hold the handle in front of your back. Turn your face to the side you want to spin to and look over your shoulder.

From the moment you see the edge of the kicker, pull the handle so that you can spin in a regular straight position. Now grab the nose of your kneeboard with the other hand. This brings more style into your move.

Grab the handle with both hands shortly before you get ready for landing. Than lean back, stay cool and enjoy the fact that you can do a new trick supervised by the Jobe kneeboard-team.

Stay tuned and ride on!

Greez Hannes "Übi" Übele, Martin "Slupi" Slupski and Claudius "clode" von Derschau
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