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Want to enjoy paddling to the fullest?

13 september 2017


Let's do some talking: SUP keeps you fit. You’ll work your entire body and at the same time you get to enjoy mother nature. This is a unique combination: enjoying the world’s most beautiful environments while working on muscles in your entire body. It’s why we prefer SUP over a smelly dark gym, every day.

Take a board that doesn't bend

However, make sure you choose the right SUP in order to take advantage of the beauty of mother nature. More specifically: make sure you choose for a SUP-board that is stiff, otherwise you might get a hard time exploring. The reason for that is when a board is not stiff enough, it cannot take your weight. It simply bends and this is often the case with many single layer inflatable SUP-boards on the market. When you stand in the middle, your feet get wet and the middle of your board sinks below the surface of the water. As a result, the tip and tail also rise out of the water.

The negative consequences of a bending board

Consequently, your control disappears. The fin in the tail of your board does not get optimal traction through the water because the tail rises out of the water and the middle sinks. Manoeuvring to that idyllic spot behind the rocks gets hard now. At the same time, paddling gets much harder too because the middle of your board is below the surface of the water. This means that the board does not optimally slide through the water and you’ll get to see less different environments in the end.

Go for the stiff Jobe SUP-boards

Prevent these unwanted situations by simply choosing a SUP-boards that is stiff enough. Jobe only produces stiff SUP-boards of the highest quality to make sure you can enjoy SUP to the fullest. Jobe Aero SUPs are double layered SUPs with heat bonded technology, making them really stiff. They can easily hold your your weight and prevent bending. We promise you, you won’t get wet feet! On the other hand, single layered inflatable SUP-boards tend to bend real quick - make sure to make the right choice.

Read all about the Jobe head bonded technology and more technical details in this article.

Want to enjoy paddling to the fullest?

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