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Which paddle suits you best?!

23 september 2015
A paddle is vital to your SUP experience, just like a motor is for your car. Jobe has various paddles that each have their own unique performance and make you look unique. The only thing these paddles have in common (next to looking good), is that they all float.

1: Jobe aluminum paddles are the most accessible and robust of the family and is included in all our Aero SUP packages. This paddle breaks down into 2 pieces and fits on the Jobe board bag, the ultimate travel/storage solution.

2: Jobe fibreglass paddles are light weight paddles that can be broken down into two pieces, making them really easy to carry around. A perfect combination with our light weight Aero SUPs! The special dihedral design results in high stability to make it easy to paddle. This is perfect for recreational use and is especially easy when you want to SUP in the canals of your city!

3: Jobe bamboo paddles are our classic paddles, a fixed paddle used to paddle in style. Bamboo is an eco-friendly material to use, so next to looking good, you’re also contributing to a better environment.

4: The Jobe carbon paddles are specially designed to achieve maximum performance. They are feather light, yet super strong and durable! Similar to the fiberglass paddles, they have a special dihedral design for more stability. These paddles are perfect for those who like to race or make long tour on their SUP.

Carbon paddles are available in an adjustable clip version and a cut-off version, to permanently adjust the paddle to your perfect length. The cut-off paddle is a favorite amongst the pro Stand Up Paddlers.

Which paddle suits you best?!
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