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Why cable parks are awesome.

8 december 2017

Why cable parks are awesome

There are two options to practice wakeboarding: behind the boat or cable.
In this article we will highlight wakeboarding on a cable park. We will shed some light on the many benefits of this type of sports.

Cable wakeboarding is quite the same as wakeboarding behind the boat. The only difference is the pulling method: overhead cable versus boat.

Why go to a cable park?
1. No expensive boat needed

To practice boat boarding, a boat is essential, which does come at a high price. For cable boarding you only need a cable and entrance money. Be easy on the wallet ;)
There are over 300 cable parks in Europe alone, so there will be one close to home for sure. For an overview of all cable parks go to:

2. Go for that extra lap
The cable allows maximum riding time, so you can go for a few more laps. Practice makes perfect!

3. Learning environment

The cable provides a perfect environment to learn how to wakeboard because of the consistent pull of the cable. Riding behind a boat you may experience an inexperienced driver. The start is also easier on a cable park as the rope is connected to an overhead cable pulling the rider up an out of the water, rather than a dragging pull through the water performed by boats.

4. No +1 needed
Riding on a cable doesn’t require an extra person. Of course it’s always more fun to go to the park with more people, but it’s no requirement. In a boat, you always need a boat driver, and for safety reason it’s better to have another person in the boat watching you and communicating with the driver.

5. Features
Cable parks are in general filled with features like jumps and rails which are suitable for beginner to advanced riders. This makes it a fun freestyle ride and very versatile.

6. Air Tricks
It is easier to perform air tricks on a cable because of the height of the cable which makes a load and release tension possible.

So what are you waiting for, go to your closest cable park and experience it yourself. Have fun!
Why cable parks are awesome.

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