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Paddle boards A paddle board, also known as a stand up paddle board or SUP board,  provides a lot of everything on the water. Paddle boards are very versatile. They are used for sports, yoga and just for fun. For this reason, there are paddle boards in various shapes, sizes and materials. In addition, we have at Jobe for the very youngest, beginners, intermediate and for real professional suppers. There is a suitable paddle board for everyone

Different types of SUP boards

If you think all SUP boards are the same, guess again. There are different types of stand up paddle boards for different kind of activities. Allround boards are most common because they can be used for all kinds of activities and are great for families. Then there are Touring boards which are made for the advanced boarders who like to SUP a good distance. Surf paddle boards are usually shorter Bamboo paddle boards which have great response and turn initiation. And last but not least there are Yoga SUP boards for those who like to be flexible and nimble on the water!

The differences between bamboo SUPs and inflatable SUPs.

The difference between a bamboo paddle board and an inflatable paddle board are the following. Inflatable paddle boards can easily be stored in a bag and you can take them anywhere you want. Although the bamboo board aren't as easy to transport, they offer more response. This enhanced response is loved amongst the more advanced paddle fanatics amongst us.

There you have it, the basics you have to know before you buy a stand up paddle board. 
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