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When you want to become the best rider in the world, you need to buy the best wakeboard in the world. Our line has been significantly revamped and redesigned to be ready for combat at any time. No matter if you are a cable wakeboarder or boat wakeboarder, the Jobe wakeboard range consists of different shapes and flex patterns. This way we can provide any type of rider with the perfect jobe wakeboard.

How to choose which wakeboard to buy?

Buying the perfect wakeboard mostly depends on what your riding style is. Do you prefer air tricks, slider or the best of both worlds? A riders who’s all about obstacles and sliders prefers a board with a lot of flex and stability on obstacles while air tricks need boards with loads of grip and soft landings. Below we’ll discuss the most important features of a wakeboard which will help you to make your choice!

Looking for grip and air tricks? Look for deep and long channels! The grip of a wakeboard is mainly determined by the channels in the board. A wakeboard with deep and long channels really cuts into the water and results in loads of grip and explosive take offs!

We use three different cores in our wakepark boards; solid core, hybrid core, and full wood core. The full wood core is the flexiest which makes the wakeboard excellent for pressing on sliders at your local park. The hybrid core simply has the best of both worlds. It is a mix of Paulownia wood and PU foam. Boards featuring this core are flexy enough for parks and strong enough for the boat.

Besides the core the thickness of the wakeboard is also an important factor in the board’s flex. The thinner the board the flexier it is!

In our wakeboards we use three types of rockers; The 3-stage rocker is for the shredders with an aggressive riding style, the flat centre curve provides speeds and rail control. The continuous rocker gives a more smooth ride and makes turning easier because the wakeboard has less surface area. The third type is the hybrid rocker which is a marriage between the 3-stage and continuous rocker.
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