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How to choose your perfect wetsuit?

If you are going to buy your first, second or tenth (!) wetsuit it’s important to know in which weather condition you are going to use the wetsuit you're buying. Jobe offers a wide online collection of kids-, men’s- and women’s wetsuits for different kind of water temperatures and watersports. Dependent of your preferences, you decide whether you need a full-suit or a shorty or springsuit. Full suits cover your entire arms and legs, a shorty or springsuit leaves your legs exposed.

Secondly, you choose between the different thicknesses of neoprene of wetsuits. In order to do this, you need to dive into the different product-names and the mm description. For instance, take the The Yukon 5/3mm wetsuit. 5 mm means the thickness of the chest and back neoprene, while the arms and legs are covered in 3mm neoprene. This makes a 5/3mm wetsuit the perfect cold water wetsuit relative to a 3/2 mm, which is a better wetsuit for pleasant water temperatures.

No water entry in your wetsuit? 

Jobe Steamer wetsuits are equipped with highly advanced features like a drainage thermo-covered inside, which keeps the heat close to your body. Drainage thermo literally means: to drain. Keep the heat and loose the water. The water on the inside of the wetsuit gets sucked out of the first layer of the suit after which it runs downwards due to gravity.


Depending on your favorite type of watersport, you should also decide how flexible your wetsuit must be. Riding your PWC requires less flexibility than performing a back roll to revert on your wakeboard. Jobe wetsuits are all flexible, so we make sure we can offer you optimal freedom of movement. Jobe wetsuits are all constructed out of flexible neoprene but we do divide them in three levels: Premium stretch, full stretch and regular stretch. For normal, day-to-day watersports activities; a regular stretch wetsuit will do just fine. Expecting a lot of flexy leg-in-neck moves, like with wakeboarding? Go for premium stretch neoprene in your wetsuit.

Your wetsuits feels to tight

Well done! For good thermal insulation, a wetsuit must be well connected to the body. When wetsuit hangs loose around your body, it will not provide you with the warmth and comfort that your wetsuit should offer. It is therefore absolutely normal if you feel that your wetsuit is too tight! Since your wetsuit really works in the water, this feeling will soon disappear. So no worries, just jump in!

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