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A paddle board for every type of explorer

13 december 2018
Step into a new world and explore mother nature. The 2019 Jobe inflatable paddle board collection is designed to Discover. But what paddle board supports your exploring goals best? Jobe has a comprehensive paddle board collection so read on to find out your match!

What paddle board to choose?

Choosing your perfect paddle board comes down to answering a few basic questions.

1. What is the user’s weight?
2. What are your paddling goals?

User’s weight

Is the board for you or for someone else? Jobe inflatable paddle boards have a recommended rider weight of up to 120 KGs/264 LBS. The Jobe Desna 10.0 is the only board that has a recommended weight of 90 KGs or 198 LBS.

Paddling goals

Then it is important to decide about the board’s characteristics. Those characteristics should match your paddling goals. These goals can be about:

- Distance to paddle
- Specific sport you want to practice (yoga vs race vs normal)

Touring: 11.6 or 12.6
If you want to paddle long distances, you want a faster board. The Jobe touring boards have a shape that match your goal: the Duna 11.6 or Neva 12.6. The Neva is slightly faster but also slightly less stable.
When you’re touring you probably want to take gear with you. Both boards have more than enough room to store it safely. You’ll find bungee cords at the front and back of the boards which makes you able to pack your stuff.

Discover touring boards

All-round: 10.6
Want to have great stability? Then the all-round boards are for you like the Yarra 10.6. They are also more maneuverable which is great for beginners. However, increased stability and maneuverability also means they are slightly slower than the Jobe touring boards.

Discover all-round boards

Yoga: 10.6 Yoga
Then there are specific boards that are designed for specific purposes or sports. Want to get totally zen? The stable Lena Yoga 10.6 will support all your yoga poses. Take note that stability again means being slightly slower.

Discover Yoga boards

Surf/Windsurf : 9.4
The new Jobe Venta has all characteristics to take it to the ocean and ride the magnificent waves to experience it's maneuverability. However, you can also transform it to a windsurf board and insert a sail to experience old-skool windsurfing on an easy-to-transport inflatable SUP. Real adventurers can bring it to the wildest rivers and perform wild water SUP. Nothing is too much for this performer!

Discover surf boards

Jobe Aero SUP boards are the stiffest and lightest boards on the market!

More details


All Jobe inflatable boards come with a double action handpump. However, you can also save yourself some time and inflate your board without pumping yourself. The SUP pump 12V works on the cigarette lighter connector of your car. Planning to get on the water without having your car around? The Portable electric air pump works with a battery so you can take it everywhere you like.

Read this blog for more details on how to inflate your paddle board.

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