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The ultimate buyers guide: wake vests.

2 march 2018
Imagine you and your best friends on a boat, some drinks, the sun on your face and a warm summer breeze. The last thing you want to worry about is whether you are safe or not. Or when you can’t bust out that new wakeboard trick because your vest is just not flexible.


Impact vests ensure impact is tempered due to soft pads incorporated in the entire vest. These pads can be found on the chest, back, belly and ribs. Impact vests are a bit cheaper and multifunctional, so you can throw in your tricks & pops without any worries.

The ultimate buyers guide: wake vests.


Wakeboarding without an impact vest is impossible. Buoyancy is not the only benefit, a good wakeboard vest also provides the right protection. A hard smack on the water during wakeboarding can be very painful for your rib cage.

There are a few things important when you buy a wakeboard vest:
  • Your vest have to be comfortable so you can move optimally.
  • In addition, a comp vest must also fit tight on your body, so the vest does not move in case of a crash.
  • If you are going to buy an impact vest, be careful that you select the right size. Preferably, adapt your vest towhat you will wear the most.
  • If you wear it over your wetsuit, you could try on with a suit a suit to find the best size.
The ultimate buyers guide: wake vests.


This season we’ve introduced our new reversible wake vest, designed to redefine your look any time. Just turn the reversible vest inside out and switch from basic to colour. No matter if you prefer a zipper, reversible, dark or bright: we have a look for all shredders of pro-level and the easy wakeboarders.

Less than 50N

Impact vests with less than 50N are often worn during wakeboarding and water skiing on a cable water ski slope. The big advantage of a vest with less than 50N buoyancy is the fact that the vest is thin therefore offers a lot of freedom of movement. However, note that vests with less than 50N buoyancy are not officially certified.

More than 50N
Life vests with 50N buoyancy are often used during active water sports. An advantage of a 50N vest is they give a bit of upward power so you do not have to tread water or swim when you are in the water. The vests with more than 50N buoyancy are officially tested and certified.

The ultimate buyers guide: wake vests.

Finish your look with a some extra neoprene wetsuits, swimwear, a rad helmet and a wakeboard. Nail this season's wakeboard goals with a statement piece and find your no-nonsense wakeboard vest in our online collection.
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