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5 Reasons why yoga on the water is better

Yoga on a SUP board brings the sport to a whole new level. We’ve got six reasons why yoga on a stand up paddle board is even better than yoga indoors:
1. Being outside: Human’s aren’t simply made staying inside the whole day. Being outside makes us happier and healthier.
2. Challenge yourself: Since the platform is unstable, you have to engage your core strength for better balance.
3. Be zen again: Create your own little stress free zone on the SUP. Let time melt away, the sensation of floating helps you forget about tight schedules.
4. Work out: A perfect full-body work out with massive effects. Yoga improves your body posture too, while SUP will give you a fit and strong body.
5. Breath focus: The ocean sound is believed to soothe your mind. The waves will help you relax and focus on the most important aspect of yoga: your breath. uses cookies for an optimal website performance and social-media -and advertising purposes. Third party cookies are being used to provide you with social media functionalities and personalized ads. For more info you can read the Jobe privacy statement. We assume you accept our cookie policy if you continue to use our website.